Top 5: Nachhaltige Geschenkideen für Frauen

Top 5: Sustainable gift ideas for women

Sustainable gifts for women - 5 creative eco gift ideas

Are you looking for a sustainable eco gift for your girlfriend, mother or grandma? Then you will find what you are looking for here thanks to our creative ideas.

It's great fun to give or receive gifts. However, you have the best feeling when you can give with a clear conscience. Climate change, natural disasters, Fridays for future - the topic of sustainability has never been as present as it is now.

Top 5 ideas - Sustainable (DIY) ideas for giving away

Every year you ask yourself the question of what to give your wife, girlfriend or acquaintance. Be it for a birthday, Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day.
Today, environmental protection is the top priority. So why waste a lot of plastic unnecessarily and not give a really sustainable gift with a clear conscience?

In the following I give you 10 creative and innovative eco gift ideas mainly for women, which are guaranteed to be a hit and minimize the damage to the environment!

1. DIY face mask

Just relax for an evening. Whether young or old, the homemade face mask is ready in no time and is particularly helpful for dry skin. Just mix the following:

- 1x avocado (mashed)

- 1x teaspoon of lemon juice

And you already have a homemade face mask, which is also good for your own skin.

2. KOA sonic toothbrush with sustainable bamboo brush heads

Ever heard of bamboo attachments for electric toothbrushes? Nothing beats a bright white smile. The tested KOA sonic toothbrush from bamtoo is the ideal gift if the ex-toothbrush no longer does what it should.

It leaves teeth super clean and the best part is the natural bamboo brush heads. Reducing plastic in everyday life is important and with bamtoo you are taking a big step in the right direction and are supporting a young, up-and-coming company from Berlin.

You can find more information about the KOA sonic toothbrush here: ELECTRIC Sonic Toothbrush KOA

3. Massage Voucher

Let's continue with pure relaxation and goodwill. Check the internet for the best rated massage studios in your area. An absolute miracle cure for body and mind in stressful everyday life, so get out there and support your local businesses.

4. Safety razor

Disposable razors were yesterday. A safety razor is super easy to shave for a fraction of the price of a traditional plastic razor. All you need is replacement blades, which you simply put on and you're done. Good for the wallet and good for the environment.


5. MIA manual toothbrush - interchangeable attachments

Does the woman receiving the gift still use a manual toothbrush and would like to keep it? Then give her the MIA manual toothbrush with replaceable brush heads from bamtoo . As soon as the attachment is too worn, you simply change it and you can order a cheap replacement in the bamtoo online shop. You will definitely be happy:


final word

Thank you for your attention, I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. Feel free to visit our online shop for exciting and sustainable toothbrushes and dental care accessories.