High tech meets sustainability

Try the nature-inspired sonic toothbrush.

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Every toothbrush you've ever had still exists.

Billions of toothbrushes are thrown away every year. A route to the moon and back.

So we have to go back to basics. When we do our best to conserve resources and make components recyclable, we achieve more by consuming less.

Schallzahnbürste mit Schallwellen für die Schallzahnbürste KOA V2 von bamtoo

State of the art

Effective sound technology

Clinical studies prove the benefits of sonic toothbrushes. Up to 40,000 vibrations per minute clean your teeth effectively but gently.

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Biodegradable attachments

Plastic attachments were yesterday. We rely on biodegradable bamboo and bio-plastic. The surface is processed and sanded to a high standard, for a pleasantly hygienic feeling in the mouth.

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new charging concept

8 weeks battery life

Bring KOA V2 to over 8 weeks of battery life in just a few hours via USB-C cable. Significantly faster and more resource-efficient than conventional alternatives.

Lifetime Guarantee

Your last toothbrush

Get a lifetime warranty on your KOA V2 with bamtoo Recharge.

  • Immediate free exchange
  • Repair instead of garbage can
  • Including battery change

You can cancel at any time via your exclusive customer service.

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Sustainable living is also possible without compromises.

Packed with useful features. Free from complicated apps and unnecessary functions.

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1 item = 1 mangrove

Do something good with every order and do your part for the reforestation of Madagascar.

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From now on included

Bamboo travel case

Made from solid but lightweight bamboo wood. This is how you transport KOA V2 safely and elegantly on your next trip.

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Was Zahnärzte sagen

  • KOA V2 can definitely keep up with those of the market leaders when it comes to brushing your teeth. And best of all: you produce much less plastic waste.

    Andrea Ritzert, dentist