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Shipment tracking?

After we have shipped your package, you will receive all the necessary delivery tracking information by email.


We ship with climate-neutral shipping from DHL GOGREEN and by Warenpost. We do not use any plastic in the package or packaging. Our flyers are also made from sustainable paper and are reduced to a minimum.

Change Shipping Address?

Please contact us via our contact page to change your delivery address afterwards.

2 year manufacturer's warranty

Warranty Statement?

Dear Customer,

bamtoo® Daniel Damian (sole proprietor) hereby grants you a guarantee for the product “bamtoo® sonic toothbrush KOA V2” for a period of 24 months , unless otherwise specified. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase. The guarantee only applies to the handle of the toothbrush, not to the brush heads. The guarantee declaration is only valid within the EU. If a problem occurs with the product within the specified period without external influence, you can return the product to us on site. Our repair service will then check the damaged product and repair it if necessary. Please contact us in advance at www.bamtoo/kontakt with a detailed description of the cause of the damage. We will then check this. When shipping the product, please pack it so that it will not be damaged during transport and send it along with a copy of the invoice to the following address:

bamtoo Daniel Damian
Copenhagener Str. 9
10437 Berlin

We will then send the repaired product or your replacement product back to your shipping address. bamtoo bears the costs of shipping to you. You can find the relevant contact options at www.bamtoo.de/kontakt. Please note: Your statutory rights against material defects, which you are entitled to for a period of two years from the handover of the purchased item, are not restricted by the above guarantee. The statutory rights regarding material defects are regulated in Section 437 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

The following device parts/damages are not subject to the terms of the warranty:

- Brush heads

- Battery

- Damage caused by the use of non-approved spare parts

- Damage caused by misuse, misuse, negligence, tampering or repair by unauthorized persons

- Normal wear and tear such as chips, scratches, abrasions, discoloration or fading

TIP: The extended warranty protection “bamtoo Recharge” also covers accidental damage and the battery. Find out more now.

Repair and battery replacement

Exchange under the extended warranty

With the extended warranty protection "bamtoo Recharge" you have a fully controllable subscription, which also includes accident damage or the battery. You are also doing your part to protect the environment.

Find out more about this here .

Can I have something repaired outside of the Recharge subscription?

We designed the KOA V2 sonic toothbrush so that it can be easily repaired. In principle, we can carry out a repair or battery replacement for a flat rate. You may then receive an equivalent device so that you don't have to wait for the repair. In the event of damage, please contact us using the contact form for further information. You will then discuss the next steps with our support team.

Was passiert mit der alten Zahnbürste?

Anstatt dein defektes Modell wegzuschmeißen, reparieren wir es dank des modularen Designs der KOA V2 bestmöglich, und bereiten es wie neu auf. Bei einem schwachen Akku, tauschen wir den Akku aus. Das reparierte Modell geht nicht einfach wieder in den Verkauf, sondern wird wiederum für Garantiefälle als Austauschmodell genutzt. Das nennt sich auch Kreislaufwirtschaft.

Du möchtest mehr über Kreislaufwirtschaft bei bamtoo lernen?

brush heads

Special features of bamboo attachments?

No, you can use the bamboo attachments like your old ones.

Make sure you clean the brush head regularly and change it every 2 months.

wood taste?

We sand our attachments in a lengthy process so that the surface becomes extra smooth. Due to the after-treatment you can hardly taste any woody taste, and after just a few uses you can hardly feel any difference to conventional brush heads.

Most people even prefer the natural mouthfeel of bamboo attachments compared to plastic attachments.

What do the essays consist of?

The KOA V2 attachments are made of bamboo (neck), castor oil (bristles) and bio-plastic (inner part).

In order to optimally transfer the vibrations to the brush head, the inner part is necessary, which we developed from biodegradable plastic.

Save-a-subscribe brush heads

What advantages do I have?

By taking out our savings subscription, you will receive our KOA V2 interchangeable heads automatically and conveniently delivered directly to your doorstep at the delivery schedule you choose.

You no longer have to worry about manually ordering new interchangeable heads or going to a store specifically for them. Our delivery brings dental care to your home to make your life easier.

You also save money because we reward your loyalty with appropriate discounts when you order the savings subscription.

Is there a minimum term?

There is no fixed contract period. You have full control over your subscription and can manage or cancel it at any time in your own profile.

To do this, simply log in to your customer account or register.

Application sonic toothbrush KOA V2

When should you change the brush head?

Dentists recommend changing the brush head every 2-3 months. This applies to our manual toothbrush as well as to the sonic toothbrush.

If you are the owner of the KOA V2 sonic toothbrush, you can easily see when it is time to change the attachment by the green indicator bristles.

Proper use of a sonic toothbrush

The ideal brushing time is two minutes. To do this, divide your rows of teeth into four “jaw quadrants” and brush each part for 30 seconds. It is important to brush both the outer surface, chewing surface (front teeth are excluded here) and the inner surface of the rows of teeth. Good sonic toothbrushes have a 30-second interval timer, which gives you consistent brushing results.

Which toothpaste to use with the sonic toothbrush?

Overpriced toothpastes are often offered for sonic toothbrushes, but you can continue to use your favorite toothpaste as usual.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that it has a low level of abrasion and therefore does not contain any coarse particles.

Sonic toothbrush despite braces?

A sonic toothbrush can also be used by people with braces. In fact, a sonic toothbrush can be very useful for removing plaque and bacteria from the teeth and around the braces, as the high speed of the sonic vibrations allows the brush to reach deep into the spaces between the teeth and the braces.

If you are still unsure, it is best to consult your dentist.

Further product information

How big and heavy is KOA V2?

Length: 16.5cm
Weight: 112g

How big and heavy are the attachments?

Length: 8.5cm
Weight: 5g

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