Nachhaltiges Badezimmer: Die schönsten Gestaltungsideen

Sustainable bathroom: the most beautiful design ideas

The bathroom is a space we spend in every day and offers us many opportunities to express our personal style. If you are looking for new ideas to design your bathroom, there are many ways to make it more eco-friendly, functional and attractive. In this article, we will discuss some design ideas that will make your bathroom a place where you will enjoy being.

A modern bathroom with sustainable and woody elements

Sustainable bathroom

A sustainable bathroom is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. By using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving devices, you can save energy and water while protecting the environment. Some simple steps you can take to create a sustainable bathroom are:

  • Use energy-saving lighting: LED lights are not only energy efficient, but also last longer than traditional light bulbs.
  • Install water- and energy-saving faucets: Faucets and showerheads that use less water are not only environmentally friendly, but also save money.
  • Use natural cleaning products: Chemical cleaning products can be harmful to the environment and to your health. Instead, you can use natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda.
  • Recycle bathroom waste: Toilet paper rolls, shampoo bottles, and other packaging can be recycled to reduce waste.
  • Use eco-friendly materials: Choose eco-friendly materials like bamboo or wood for your bathroom tiles, walls, and flooring.

Design ideas for the bathroom

There are many ways to make your bathroom both attractive and functional. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Colors and Patterns: One way to give your bathroom a new look is to use colors and patterns. You can add accents by painting one wall in a bold hue or choose an eye-catching shower stall.
  • Shower cubicle: A shower cubicle can not only be functional, but also an ornament in your bathroom. You can opt for a glass or a patterned shower enclosure.
  • Accessories: By choosing the right accessories, you can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Individual accessories such as a carpet, a towel holder or a mirror can enhance the bathroom.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in every bathroom. By choosing energy-saving LED lights or a dimmer, you can control the atmosphere and brightness in the room.

Sustainable sonic toothbrush from bamtoo in a bright bathroom

Eco-friendly toothbrush

An eco-friendly toothbrush is an important part of a sustainable bathroom. Traditional plastic toothbrushes can be problematic as they are not biodegradable and can contribute to plastic ending up in the ocean. An environmentally friendly alternative are bamboo toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are made with a bamboo handle, which is biodegradable, and nylon bristles, which can be recycled.

Bamboo toothbrushes are not only more environmentally friendly than conventional toothbrushes, but also very practical. The bamboo handle is non-slip and easy to hold. The bristles are soft and gentle on teeth and gums.

There are different manufacturers of bamboo toothbrushes on the market that offer different sizes, shapes and colors. Some manufacturers also offer toothbrushes with replaceable heads to further reduce waste. An example would be bamtoo, a sustainable start-up from Berlin, which has set itself the goal of turning the long-established dental care norms inside out. They even offer a fancy sonic toothbrush with bamboo attachments!

wood design

Wood is another eco-friendly material that is great for bathroom design. It is strong, durable and has a natural beauty that can enhance the bathroom.

One way to incorporate wood into your bathroom is to use wood tile or wood paneling on the walls. You can also choose wooden furniture such as shelves, stools or vanities to give your bathroom a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

There are different types of wood suitable for bathroom design. Teak, cedar and oak are strong and moisture-resistant types of wood that are well suited for use in the bathroom.

Potted plants in a sunny bath

For everyone with a green thumb

Indoor plants are a great way to add life and color to any room, including the bathroom. Many indoor plants also have the advantage that they can improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen. However, the bathroom is not necessarily the best place for any houseplant due to high humidity and temperature fluctuations. Here are some tips on what to look out for when adding indoor plants to your bathroom:

  1. Choose the right plants: Houseplants that thrive in humid environments are ideal for the bathroom. These include, for example, ferns, bamboo, bromeliads, aloe vera or ivy. However, it's important that you research each plant in advance, as some plants, such as cacti and succulents, do better in dry environments.
  2. Make sure you have enough light: Houseplants need light to grow and thrive. Make sure your bathroom has enough natural light or install artificial light sources if necessary.
  3. Avoid Cold Drafts: Houseplants don't like sudden temperature changes or cold drafts. Make sure your bathroom is adequately insulated and that the plants are not placed directly under an air vent or an open door.
  4. Avoid Too Much Humidity: Although the bathroom is a humid environment, too much humidity can harm plants. Make sure your plants aren't directly under the shower or bath and that they have enough air circulation.
  5. Take care of your plants: Houseplants need regular maintenance like watering, fertilizing and pruning. Make sure you tend to your plants regularly to ensure they stay healthy.

In summary, houseplants are a great way to decorate the bathroom and improve air quality, as long as you choose the right plants and take care of them properly.


Overall, there are many design ideas for the bathroom that are not only functional and attractive, but also environmentally friendly. By using eco-friendly materials, energy-saving appliances and natural cleaning products, you can create a sustainable bathroom that not only looks good, but also protects the environment.

Bamboo toothbrushes and wood design are two more ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. Bamboo toothbrushes are a practical and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes, while wood is a strong and durable material that will add a warm and welcoming feel to your bathroom.

Overall, there are many ways to design your bathroom and make it a place where you enjoy being. By using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving devices, you can not only save energy and water, but also make a positive contribution to the environment.


Most Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a bath cozy?

A cozy bathroom can be created through the use of warm colors, comfortable textiles such as rugs and towels, and the placement of plants and accessories such as candles and pictures.

  1. How much does a completely new bathroom cost?

The cost of a completely new bathroom depends on many factors, such as the size of the bathroom, the quality of the materials and the type of installation. A rough estimate is between 10,000 and 30,000 euros.

  • Which colors go together in the bathroom?

    There are many color combinations that look good in the bathroom. Some popular combinations are blue and white, green and beige, or gray and pink. It depends on what style and atmosphere you want to create in the bathroom.

    • What is the best color for the bathroom?

      The best color for the bathroom depends on the atmosphere you want. If you want to create a calming ambience, blue and green are good color choices. If you want to make the bathroom brighter and friendlier, white and beige are recommended.

      • What color for the ceiling in the bathroom?

        A white ceiling is a good choice for the bathroom as it reflects the light and makes the room look brighter. You can also choose a light color that goes well with the color of the wall.

        • What do you do on the ceiling in the bathroom?

          In the bathroom you can install lamps, fans and radiators on the ceiling. You can also attach shelves or hanging cabinets to the ceiling to create additional storage space.

          • What furniture can you put in the bathroom?

            In the bathroom, vanities, cupboards, shelves and chests of drawers can be set up to create additional storage space. You can also place an armchair or a bench to make the room more comfortable.

            • What color goes with gray in the bathroom?

              Gray can be combined well with white, beige, black or pastel colors like pink or light blue. These colors create a harmonious contrast and let the gray in the bathroom come into its own.

              • What paint is good against mold?

                Paints with fungicidal properties can help prevent mold in the bathroom. A good choice are paints with silver ions, which inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.

                • Is wet room paint breathable?

                  Wet room paint is usually breathable to promote air circulation in the bathroom and prevent mold from forming. However, it is important to choose a high quality paint that is specifically designed for use in wet areas.