1 item = 1 mangrove

A small contribution is also a contribution

Let's ensure a greener future together! According to the University of Maryland, an incredible 11.1 million hectares of forest were cut down in 2021. With every item you order, you support the reforestation of the earth and contribute to the regeneration of biodiversity.

Which project we support together

The trees we plant with the Eden Reforestation Project support the diversity of the animal and plant world, improve the coastlines, offer the local population a fair wage. Mangrove trees are planted, which bind an extraordinary amount of carbon dioxide.

Why mangroves?

Mangroves are also enormously productive ecosystems and absorb on average three to five times more CO2 than terrestrial forests. Mangroves, and coastal wetlands in general, are of global importance due to the many services they provide to us humans and the planet. This includes protection against storm surges, nursery areas for fish and other marine life, the provision of building materials and firewood and an important contribution to stabilizing the global climate as an important carbon store.

habitat restoration

With forest destruction, wildlife species lose their natural habitat and are forced to relocate, reducing their chances of survival. With over 200 species of mammals, 100 species of lemurs, 300 species of birds and almost 300 species of amphibians, Madagascar is one of the world's most important protected areas. About ninety percent of all wildlife in Madagascar is endemic. Our work with Eden protects these wildlife species in Madagascar by restoring their natural habitats.

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